Smorgasburg 2017

I love Smorgasburg. Every year when it opens it’s like mouth Chanukah & Christmas for me.  They launched in 2011 as a seasonal weekend food festival at two locations in Brooklyn. They house over 100 local food vendors from every type of cuisine you could imagine. You can get poke, bbq, meatballs, doner kebab, and churros within 15 feet of each other. That's really all I need in life, besides occasional sex. 

Returning vets this year include Mighty Quinn's BBQ, Ramen Burger, Wowfulls and Dough Doughnuts. There are a ton of new kids on the block as well. They welcomed 19 new vendors including Baked Cheese Haus (raclette sandwiches), Belmere Catering (Haitian dishes), Mission Ceviche and Ube Kitchen (Filipino desserts). The creativity level is high, with each vendor vying for the attention of 1000's of daily visitors. Think spaghetti doughnuts, jerk chicken dumplings, spicy tuna nacohs and okonomi pancakes 

On Saturdays you will find Smorgasburg at East River State Park in Williamsburg and Sundays in Prospect park from 11am- 6pm. In addition to the food you can get beer, wine and liquor (if you can stand the monster line). The festival runs from the first weekend in April through November, rain or shine. This is one of the greatest culinary attractions that we have in NYC for locals and tourists alike. You can sample all the best fast-casual, cheap food the city has to offer.  Check out what you’ll be eating: