Tim Ho Wan


The cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world has touched down in New York City. Want to understand how popular this place is? People wait in line for 3 hours at the original Hong Kong location just to eat here. Yes, in a place where you can get dim sum every 10 feet, people wait 3 hours. There are no frills there, or at their new Union Square location. Sit down, check off what you want with a pencil on the menu, and the food starts flying at you. Everything is excellent and there is a ton of variety. You'll find the usual dim sum suspects- rice rolls, steamed buns, dumplings & congee. The pan fried turnip cakes and pork shumai are particularly amazing. Is it worth the 2-3 hour wait? I don't know that I'd wait that long for anything (except sex and free money). However, the menu is cheap, delicious, and there is no shortage of bars in the area to tide you over in the mean time. 



85 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003

Phone:  (212) 228-2800

Neighborhood: Union Square

Website: https://timhowanusa.com/

Price: $