Empellon Midtown


Chef Alex Stupak has opened the fourth location of his Empellon empire. While each venue is unique, the new Midtown location is vastly different than the relaxed downtown iterations of his concept. In a very Midtown-esque fashion the restaurant is sleek, elegant, and grand. The crowd is a bit older, filled with men in business suits and tourists in the know. The menu is a largely upscale departure from Stupak's casual taquerias in the East & West Village. You'll see a wide selection of unique tacos with unexpected ingredients like pastrami and sweetbreads. Entrees are refined versions of comfort food like massive short ribs with olives and grapes or fideo with peas. I'd recommend making a meal out of the starters like the insanely creative crab & uni nachos or sticky rice duck tamales. Oh, and obviously don't skip the tequila. 


Address  510 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022

Phone:  (212) 858-9365

Neighborhood: Midtown East

Website:  https://www.empellon.com/

Price: $$$

Good for: tequila, groups, somewhere finally decent to eat in midtown