You should know about Bessou. The restaurant is located on Bleeker with an unassuming storefront and a stylishly decorated interior. The space feels Japanese- clean, contemporary & devout of too much fuss. I love the food. Not in a "it was good maybe I'd go back" kind of way; every single dish is great. The menu is not strictly Japanese but influenced by the owner’s childhood in New York and filled with variety. You'll find modern takes on sake steamed clams, crispy rice topped with fish, and chili oil cucumbers. There is a generous section of noodle dishes and rice including a chirashi bowl heaping with fish. Even the fried chicken is excellent, dusted in moroccan spices and served with kewpie potato salad & shiso tzatziki. This is an experience you should really have, at a price that makes it accessible.


Address:  5 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Phone : (212) 228-8502

Neighborhood: Noho


Price: $$$