Give me some tacos & tequila and I'm generally going to be a happy little girl. Jajaja is a new venture from the team behind Gelso & Grand, situated on the north side of Chinatown. The small space has a relaxed atmosphere with beautifully colored tiles and giant windows that fill the room with sunlight. The cocktails are great, and I say that as a person who generally opts to just get tequila on the rocks. The menu is unique because it is entirely plant based, vegan everything. The nachos were particularly interesting with tumeric queso, fermented black beans & veggie relish. I'm all for meaty tacos but the ones at Jajaja filled with mushrooms and mock chorizo were surprisingly hearty and satisfying. If you're feeling a grab-n-go vibe, there's a take-out counter for snacks and juices. 


Address:   162 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

Phone:      ((646) 883-5453

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Website: http://jajajamexicana.com/

Price: $$$