Freek's Mill


Freek's Mill is like an oasis in an industrial neighborhood where up until recently, has been pretty bleak in terms of dining options. The neighborhood is up & coming and this beautifully modern, sleek restaurant is aiding in that transition. You can pick your poison in the space- a casual dining room with a bar or the secondary dining room with an open kitchen. I go open kitchen, no contest. The menu is new American and totally reflective of how people want to eat today. Dishes are made to be shared and each hovers around $16-$18 so that you can taste you way through the menu relatively cheaply. Some of the best combos from chef Chad Shaner are dandelions with fried duck liver, bbq kohlrabi with grits, and potato gnocchi with venison sausage. This food is approachable, interesting, and devoid of too much fussiness. It's the kind of place you want to eat, at a price point that will allow you to visit often.


Address:    285 Nevins St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone:     (718) 852-3000

Neighborhood: Gowanus


Price: $$