Madame Vo


Madame Vo came to the East Village this winter from the minds of a husband & wife team of Vietnamese dissent. The space feels like a casual neighborhood spot, as one would find on East 10th street, but has contemporary influences throughout the dining area. Truthfully I'm often bored with Vietnamese food; half the restaurants in this city all have the exact same menu. The MV team has added some exciting twists to update this style of food and make it new again. You will recognize names like rice noodles, spring rolls and papaya salad but they have all been made modern and eclectic while still remaining comforting. There are summer rolls with egg & sausage, pho with short rib & meatballs, and chicken wings in caramelized garlic-fish sauce. You eat this food and you can tell that it is made by people who love what they are creating


Address:   212 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003

Phone:    (917) 261-2115

Neighborhood: East Village


Price: $$