Flex Mussels

Photo: Sometimesicrave

Photo: Sometimesicrave

Let's just get this out of the way. I didn't eat mussels at Flex Mussels. I had them there years ago, they tasted delicious like only mussels, butter, salt & garlic can taste. The end. This time I went in for brunch. I didn't think of this place for brunch because truthfully, there are no windows in the dining room and I don't love feeling like I'm eating in a submarine. But I figured, go ahead and eat in the submarine, maybe the food will be good. If not, you're friends will guzzle bloodies with you until you don't notice.

I am often disappointed by the brunch menu at most places. Chefs who think they are above serving this weekend delight begrudgingly slap a couple unimaginative pancake & omelette dishes on their menu and call it brunch. Even more frequently, the dishes are entirely disconnected from the style or quality of the food the restaurant serves for their other meal periods. Let's be fair though, you and I are too hungover on Sunday morning to notice anyway.

Flex Mussels stayed away from this pitfall. Far the fuck away. Furthermore the food & service were so good I'd go eat in that submarine every weekend. The servers were so gracious, recommending things we would like and telling us about special dishes. I love when staff is enthusiastic about the food they are serving. If you haven't ever worked brunch, trust me, it's nearly impossible. The food wasn't just ok, it was fantastic. Imaginative, diverse, totally unique. They had everything bagel donuts (are you kidding me??) stuffed with cream cheese and topped with assorted toppings like lox and scallions. They had a bacon, egg & cheese that I'll go out on a limb and say was the best I've ever had. The candied bacon rocked my little non-kosher taste buds. The hits kept coming. Here is what we had: 

Shelly Bededictowitz : Potato latke, smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche

Huevos Rancheros : fried eggs, chorizo, black beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese

Everything donus: 4 donuts, everything bagel seasoning, scallion cream cheese filling

Trio of Toasts: Avocado: Smashed avocado, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, chile flakes Goat Cheese brunetta tomato, maldon sea salt Ricotta: house made thai chili honey 

Messy Sandwich: bialy with fried egg, cheese, kale, tomatoes and maple bacon

Flex Mussels, 2 locations

Chelsea : 154 W 13th St · (212) 229-0222

Upper East Side : 174 E 82nd St · (212) 717-7772